Ubo Pakes is a Dutch citizen who is an environmental engineer by profession. He moved to the Philippines in 2008 and founded his own company in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Photography became a way of getting more acquainted with the many different aspects of Philippine culture and the many differences between his home country and the Philippines. Observing the world around him through his camera is a great way to remain curious of the area where he lives.

Living and working in a big metropolitan area like Cebu has directed his focus on the many people who are working and living a big part of their lives on the streets of the City. Creating portraits turned out to be a great way to be in contact with society, learning parts of the language and the customs of the big city and surrounding province. His interests are mainly in documenting the faces and lives of ordinary people in all facets of daily life.

Currently, Ubo Pakes serves as GIS coordinator of the College of Management of the University of the Philippines in Iloilo City. Ubo is happily married and lives in Cebu City. His work has been featured in several online photography forums and he participated in the international exhibition “100 photos pour comprendre” (100 photos to understand) in Lille (France) from February 13 to March 8 2015 as one of the 100 winners from an international contest organized by the FondationEuropatlas. March 2015 he had his first solo exhibition “Images of women in the streets” on ordinary women making a living in the streets of the Philippines. The exhibition was held at the Art Gallery of the University of the Philippines in Iloilo City.